Schedule of Regular Classes

The Atelier follows an academic calendar from September to June, and comprises three terms:

Fall (September-December)

Winter (January-March) and Spring (April-June).

Summer classes in July and August to be confirmed.

Registration is ongoing, and students may join at any time of the year.

Weekly Schedule of Classes 2017-2018


Fall Term: September 10 – November 29, 2017 (12 weeks)

  Afternoon 2-5 PM Evenings 6-9 or 6:30-9:30 PM
Sunday Open Studio (Mandy) Quick Figure (Mandy) 
Monday Open Studio (Mandy) Portrait Drawing (Mandy)
Tuesday Open Studio (Mandy) Figure Drawing (Mandy)
Wednesday Quick Portrait (Mandy & Anita) Classical Drawing Fundamentals (Anita)

Winter Term: January 14 – April 4, 2018

  Afternoon 2-5 PM Evenings 6-9 or 6:30-9:30 PM
Sunday Open Studio (Mandy) Anatomy (Mandy) 
Monday Open Studio (Mandy) Portrait (Mandy)
Tuesday Open Studio (Mandy) Figure (Mandy)
Wednesday Afternoon Portrait (Mandy & Anita) Intro to Bargue (Mandy & Anita)

Spring Term: April 8 – June 27, 2018

  Afternoon 2-5 PM Evenings 6-9 or 6:30-9:30 PM
Sunday Open Studio (Mandy) Anatomy (Mandy) 
Monday Open Studio (Mandy) Portrait (Mandy)
Tuesday Open Studio (Mandy) Figure (Mandy)
Wednesday Afternoon Portrait (Mandy & Anita)  

Summer Term: TBA

classes image modelGroup

2017-2018 Classes


Understanding anatomy is essential to rendering convincing drawings and paintings of the human form.  In 24 weeks, students will learn the whole human skeleton, and all the musculature.  Focus will be on identifying key landmarks from the live model as well as from photos and classical drawings and paintings.  All surface muscles will also be covered together with their origin and insertion points, and will be reviewed in different positions.  Each 2 weeks will be devoted to one body part: with a slide lecture and classroom overlay skeleton and ecorche exercises the first week, and drawing from the live model the second week.  The last 4 weeks will deal with the body as a whole and drawing from front and back poses.

Classes are held on Sundays 6 – 9PM



Taught by Mandy, these are 4-week poses for intermediate students.  Focus is on developing gesture, likeness, proportion and expression.  Elements of clothing, props, background and hands will be added for more completed portraits.  Students choose to use a variety of media, including graphite, charcoal or oil paint.

Classes are held on Mondays 6.30 – 9.30PM

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Portrait Winter 2018

– Adrienne Stanger



Intermediate and Advanced students draw and paint in these 6-week sustained poses.  Students work in oil paint, or soft charcoal, or chalk and charcoal to fully develop a Classical drawing or painting.  Focus is on solid proportions, gesture, anatomy.  Fall of light and big form modelling add to the depth and complexity of the finished work. Taught by Mandy Boursicot.

Classes are held on Tuesdays 6:30 – 9:30PM

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Figure Drawing

– Justin Zazula


Winter Term 2018

January 16 – 30 & February 6 – 20 (6 classes) 

February 27  & March 6 – 27 (6 classes) 


January 16 – March 27 (Term)


$409.50 for each 6-week class

or $737 for 12 week term





Afternoon Portrait 

Introductory portrait group taught by Mandy Boursicot and Anita Clipston.  Using a simple method to obtain a good likeness, students learn to identify shapes and proportion. This is combined with an understanding of the structure of head, neck and shoulders. Drawings are developed into sensitive and atmospheric portraits.  Good for beginners and those wanting shorter sittings or afternoon class..

Classes are held on Wednesdays 2 – 5PM

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Introduction to Bargue Drawing

In this introduction to Academic Drawing, students will learn classical methods of drawing that are fundamental to all good work.  The drawing course developed by Charles Bargue has been the gold standard of European classical training in art. It is designed to teach drawing methods of portrait and figure drawing to artists of all levels.  It takes students through all the steps needed to understand and produce works of great accuracy and beauty. Masterful demonstrations are combined with supervised hands-on application by students. Using a well-tested step by step method artists learn  how to judge shapes and values correctly and how to reproduce them. These are fundamental skill that can be readily applied to any subject matter in any medium.

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Introduction to Bargue Drawing

– Lorraine Yigit



Students may learn to do Bargue Drawing during Open Studios, which are held Sundays, Mondays, and Tuesdays 2-5 pm on an ongoing basis. Students can register anytime, and choose one day a week, and pay monthly. It’s estimated that a Level 1 Bargue Drawing would typically take 6 weeks.



“With Mandy Boursicot’s supportive guidance and positive approach in the teaching of figure drawing I have gained outstanding improvements in my drawing skills.”

– Kevin G-E