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Learn Realistic Drawing and Painting Skills at the Atelier

September signals the beginning of Fall and I am looking forward to welcoming students back to the Atelier, with the latest safety measures in place. Weekly Open studio sessions for September 2021 are on Sundays, Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Each session is limited to 4 persons. Certain days are almost full so email me directly at to register.

Drawing Classes for all Ages and Levels

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Learn to Draw Like the Old Masters

The Atelier

Mandy Boursicot Atelier is a private art studio in Vancouver BC, offering classes in drawing and painting, using the Classical Realist method.  This Academic Method training is drawn from the 19th Century European Academies, whose progressive skill-building assignments help students of all ages and skill levels to attain excellence in drawing and painting.

How will you learn

Drawing and painting from the live model is also offered for both the figure and the portrait, with a focus on training the aspiring artist to creating professional quality portraits.


The drawing skills you taught me have been essential for my artistic development and I will always cherish that. Thank you !

leva A.

Three Ways to Study with Mandy

Study with Master Instructor, Mandy Boursicot from beginner to advanced levels, to learn all the skills they never taught you anywhere else.

Signature courses with assignments and video critiques allow you to learn and be guided from the comfort of your own home.


Based on the same sequential method of our atelier sessions, our online courses are delivered in segments, with each week focussing on one key building block.


Assignments are personally reviewed and critiqued by Mandy, giving all-essential feedback for the development of your skills

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Open Studio where students choose their individual assignment or follow the Classical Program curriculum under Mandy’s direct supervision.


Student assignments may include requisites in the Certificate Program or a choice of drawing from photos, still life drawing and painting, or portfolio preparation for entry to a higher art education institution.


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One to one lessons, personal critique and mentoring via Zoom with Mandy on your personal projects.  Some students are painting live with Mandy in longer sessions, whilst others work on completing Bargues, or discuss more advanced refinements for their personal creative paintings and drawings.

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