Certificate Programs


Mandy Boursicot Atelier offers three certificate programs which comprise progressive assignments designed to build a solid artistic skill set. These assignments form the tools that equip students to become accomplished draftsmen, painters, and portraitists. Students follow the graduated steps in the program at their own individual pace. This means that new students can enter the program at any point in the year. Class times for these assignments include Open Studios (Sunday, Monday or Tuesday afternoons) and work done at home. Some students choose to attend more often and have more time at home to devote to accelerating their progress, whereas others prefer to complete the assignments more part-time and at a leisurely pace.


This parallel program takes students who wish to specialize in portraiture through pencil drawing, charcoal, sepia, sanguine and oil colour, with topics that cover construction, anatomy, composition, vignetting, clothing, jewellery, props, capturing gesture and conveying narrative.

Certificate Program in Portraiture
Certificate Program in Drawing

Starting with Bargue drawings in pencil, and progressing through sight-size cast drawings in charcoal and Mastercopies, the student completes 9 of 11 assignments.

Certificate Programs in Drawing

Certificate Program in Painting

Students may enter this program after completion of the Drawing program. Beginning with grisailles and moving through limited to full colour palette in oils, students complete 9 assignments, including cast paintings, still lifes and Mastercopies.

Certificate Programs in Painting

Please contact us to find out more, and to assess your entry level to any of these certificate programs


“Having taken Mandy’s portrait drawing classes for nine months, my drawing has improved exponentially and made my first long pose, the painted portrait a big success.”

– Terry C.