Studio Etiquette


The learning environment in this Atelier is quite unique and aims to be supportive to each individual.  Please observe these standards of behaviour so that everyone benefits.



In time-honoured tradition, every one of the instructors is a professional artist.  Part of your learning will be to experience the instructor working alongside you.  Please take advantage of observing how he or she goes about their work, and be respectful of their drawing and painting time and focus.


Class Times

Class times are Sunday, Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday 2-5pm. Evening classes are Sunday 6-9pm. Monday and Tuesday 6:30pm-9:30pm and Wednesday 6-9pm.


Arrival Time

Classes start promptly, and students may arrive 5-10 minutes prior to start time. Please do not arrive earlier than this.


Closure of Studio for Lunch and Dinner

The studio is closed from 1-2pm during weekend workshops, and from 5-6:30pm during the week.  Please ensure you arrive just 5 or 10 minutes before class, and also leave within 5 or 10 minutes of the end of class.  The teacher needs that time to re-set the room for the next class, rest and have some food, in preparation for the next teaching session.



Breaks are for the model and for students to rest their eyes, and to come back to their work with fresh eyes.  This is also a time for you to catch up with your friends.  Tea is provided during afternoon studio breaks, and typically cookies or some snack will be offered.  You can also bring your own snack or drink.  We ask that you bring re-usable containers, and take these away with you when you leave.  Please don’t leave recycling for us to clean up.


Eating and Drinking in the Studio

You are encouraged to bring a snack, such as a protein bar. Drinks must be covered with a lid, preferably in a non-spill re-usable container.  Please ask before using the microwave or other kitchen items.  Please do not help yourself to items in the fridge or dishes and cups in the cupboards, as these things are the private property of the teachers.  Please remember that this is a private atelier and not a public space.  If you have used a cup or spoon that belongs to the studio, please take it to the sink and wash it.



Please attend all classes you are registered for.  Please do not ask for credits for missed classes. 



Please do your homework and put in the time to complete each piece as best you can. Please keep a sketchbook and take notes of all the new things you are learning.



Please keep your handouts in a folder or binder for your ease of reference.

Please do not ask for replacement handouts, as there are limited numbers of these, and once handed out, the remainder, if any, are put away for the next class.  If you are absent for a class, please notify the teacher ahead of time by text, and remind him/her by email to keep a set of that week’s handouts for you.


Respect and Empathy

The Academic Method is difficult, and most students encounter times when they are at a crossroads.  Please be respectful to those who are facing a struggle with their art practice, and please be supportive with patience and understanding.


Talking during Class

Please limit chatting with classmates to break times. 

It is especially important when the teacher is giving instructions, whether to the group, or to individuals, to be quiet.  This enables the teacher to be heard without having to raise his or her voice.

When the model is in pose, please observe silence and focus on the process of drawing or painting or observing.  This helps you and other students in the class to focus on their work.



Often instructions are given to the whole class, especially for model groups.  If you wear headphones, please only use them after the class introduction, and stay aware of when it is your turn for a critique, and remove headphones when the teacher addresses you.  Please also keep the volume low enough on your headphones so that your music is not heard by your neighbours.


Photo-taking in Class

Please limit your photo-taking to the end of the class.  You may take photos of your own work, as this is a standard way of viewing your work on a different scale.  You may take photos of the model in portrait group, with the model’s permission, and only to complete your drawing/painting at the end of the whole pose.  This applies especially to completing the hair and clothing.  You may NOT take photos of the nude model. Do not photograph your cast or still life set-up for reference. In all other instances, please ask permission before taking photos (of other students’ work, of demos and instructors’s work, etc).


Cell Phones

We recognize that many of our students are working people who need to be in contact with their business.  Please keep your cell phone within easy reach to be able to answer it quickly, and please leave the studio or stand aside from the group as much as possible to take your call.


Painting in the Studio

Please adhere to the painting rules. This list will be sent to those students who are painting. Please also use a wet-wipe to clean off your easel.  Please also ensure that you are not painting to the edge of your canvas for figure or portrait paintings. You will probably empathize with Bargue students who spend so many hours on one drawing.  Getting a smudge of paint on their drawing would be heartbreaking.  


Use and Replacement of Studio Materials

Please replace all mahlsticks, rulers, tape, knives, sanding boards, drawing boards, etc that you may have borrowed during the class.  This allows the teacher to focus on teaching and lesson preparation, and not be tied up with tidying after a class.


Tidying Up Your Easel

If you have used charcoal, sanguine, sepia, pastel or paint, please use a wet-wipe to clean up your easel and your area around your easel. 


Lost Property

Please ensure you take all your materials with you at the end of every session.  If you have drawings or boards that you are leaving from one week to the next, please place them in the appropriate shelves.  For all your own materials, we suggest that you put your name on your items, as most students will have the same standard issue knives, pencils, binoculars, etc.  If we find your item with your name on it, there is a good chance you will get it back.  Otherwise we do not keep and store lost property.  We  are not responsible for lost or damaged items.


Communication with the Atelier

Email is the primary mode of communication that we will use to contact you personally and to make announcements to the student body.  We ask that you in turn, use email for normal correspondence.  In exceptional circumstances, you can text us.  Please do not phone us, as we are busy teaching, preparing lesson plans or working on our own art.


Prompt Payment

Please be aware that we do not have a full-time administrator, and this has helped us to keep our fees  the same as they were in 2013.  Please be proactive about your payment and deadlines, without the help of reminders.  Please don’t ask for credits or refunds, once you have committed to a class, as this is not fair to those who pay the full amount and it is also not fair to the Atelier, who has to pay rent, and model fees, and overheads, regardless of student absences.


Financial Help

If you are experiencing financial difficulties, please speak with your teachers.  We may be able to offer some help for those students who are committed to the Programs and who have already attended for a minimum of 1 year.