Open Studios

Open Studios are held on three different days a week in the afternoon. Students register for one day a week for a whole month or for a whole term, and elect their assignment of choice. This may include Bargue Drawing, Cast Drawing, Painting, Mastercopies or a self-directed assignment. These classes are taught by Mandy.

Registration is on-going. Cost of Open Studio is based on $55+GST per session, and is paid monthly in advance.  Discounted rate for Winter 2018 term is $623 for 12 classes

Classes are held on Sundays, Mondays & Tuesdays  2 – 5PM

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Open Studios


I feel inspired to draw and do art everytime I go into Mandy Boursicot’s studio. Especially going to the Bargue workshop where I was met with a well prepared lesson, books and talk about the Bargue program. This experience has given me the drive to continue the Bargue program in Mandy’s open studio and on my own also!

– Stephanie F.