Open Studio at the Vancouver Atelier resumes from September 2021

I am welcoming students back to the Atelier, with the latest safety measures in place. 


Each student works on their individual assignment at their own pace, within a group environment. In these classes, students elect the project of their choice. Some students choose to follow the prescribed assignments from the Classical Drawing Program, including Bargue Drawing, Cast Drawing and Mastercopies.   

Those who have completed the Drawing Program, follow assignments from the Classical Painting Program.

And some students prefer to draw or paint with self-directed assignments. 

These can include 

  • drawing from photos
  • exercises to understand and master the steps in portraiture and figure drawing
  • still life drawing
  • reviewing topics from weekend workshops, such as drawing hair, texture, reverse drawing, painting the grisaille, etc.
  • portfolio prep for entry to higher art education, such the Bio-Medical Illustration program at the University of Toronto, amongst others.

Bargue Drawing

Drawing from Photos

Portrait Practice

Cast Drawing

Still Life Drawing

Grisaille Painting

Still Life Painting

Painting from the Master



I feel inspired to draw and do art everytime I go into Mandy Boursicot’s studio. Especially going to the Bargue workshop where I was met with a well prepared lesson, books and talk about the Bargue program. This experience has given me the drive to continue the Bargue program in Mandy’s open studio and on my own also!

– Stephanie F.