Open Studios

Open Studios are 3-hour classes that take place three times a week.
In these classes, students elect the project of their choice, and work at their own pace. Students can join anytime, and choose how often they attend. Essentially Open Studios are like private lessons in a group setting. In each group there are 6-10 students. The teacher will see each student a few times during the class, with hands-on instruction, correction and guidance for next steps.

Students choose their own assignments in their own field of interest.

Students who are in the Classical Drawing and Classical Painting Programs use this time to work on prescribed assignments within those two programs: This may include Bargue Drawing in pencil, Cast Drawing in charcoal, Mastercopies in pencil or charcoal, Cast Painting, Still Life Painting and Mastercopies in oil paint.

Only those students who have completed the Drawing Program, may enter the Classical Painting Program

A number of students opt to work on assignments of their own choosing, that is, self-directed assignments.

These can include drawing from photos, exercises to understand and master the steps in portraiture and figure drawing, still life drawing, and reviewing topics from weekend workshops, such as drawing hair, texture, reverse drawing, drawing hands and feet, painting the grisaille, colour studies, working on skin tones, painting landscapes, and painting from the Masters. etc.

Very popular subjects are drawing children and drawing animals.

Open Studios are held three times a week (please note new times):


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Bargue Drawing

Drawing from Photos

Portrait Practice

Cast Drawing

Still Life Drawing

Grisaille Painting

Still Life Painting

Painting from the Master



I feel inspired to draw and do art everytime I go into Mandy Boursicot’s studio. Especially going to the Bargue workshop where I was met with a well prepared lesson, books and talk about the Bargue program. This experience has given me the drive to continue the Bargue program in Mandy’s open studio and on my own also!

– Stephanie F.